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Founded in 1996 (originally as Bazzani Building Company), Cella has been leading the way in high performance, sustainable construction. Beyond our list of industry awards, we have many proud firsts, including the first Carbon Neutral apartment building in Grand Rapids. We begin by learning everything there is to know about the owner, user needs, the site, the neighborhood, and the intended use. We understand that these elements make your project unique and that they need to be perfectly integrated — not by using a checklist, but by taking a holistic approach.

We then determine how to integrate green design, materials, construction, and technologies in the most harmonious and cost-effective way for your specific project. At Cella, sustainable design is not just one kind of service we offer. Sustainable building is the only thing we do. It's who we are, and it's who we've been for 27 years.

Our mission is to lead the industry in sustainable development and building practices that improve the economic, social, and environmental health of the communities we serve. 





Chief Executive Officer

Mike brings an extensive background in project management experience to the Cella team. His business involvements have provided him experience with start-up operations as well as established small companies. Mike is a firm believer in the Triple Bottom Line philosophy shared by the team at Cella.

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Peter has worked in the design and construction industry for owners, designers, contractors and developers on projects in over 25 states. These projects include new construction and renovation in office, residential, educational and medical markets ranging in cost from less than 100 thousand to over 100 million.

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Director of Construction

Devin joined Cella with over ten years of diverse experience in the construction industry. A degree in Construction Management and several certifications make Devin a vital component of the Cella team. Throughout his career, Devin has been planning and executing projects through a step-by-step process from concept to completion. Sustainable construction is of special interest to Devin, and he is proud to be working with the company leading the way in Grand Rapids.

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Project Manager

Emma arrived at an exciting time, as we work to complete the next phase of apartments at our 730 Leonard project and prepare to launch an exciting new project. A background in Architectural Technology, Facility Management and LEED building practices make Emma a strong contributor to the Cella team. Emma works closely with subcontractors and field engineers to maintain quality control and safety standards.

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Director of Marketing

Heather brings years of marketing experience consulting for both small businesses and non-profits. The message Cella has to share about their sustainable projects, both new construction and rehabilitation of obsolete buildings, is of great interest to Heather. She is also a strong supporter of the Triple Bottom Line philosophy endorsed by the Cella team.

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